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Golf Performance and Chiropractic Care

When the top golfers in the world are using Chiropractic care to make sure they are performing at their best, you know it is extremely important. Not only are golfers using chiropractic care, but also experts in performance. Actually 18 of the last 20 PGA tour champions have been advised by a Titleist Performance Institute Certified expert. This system to evaluate golfers helps to assess all phases of their swing, what physical or biomechanical challenges they may have, then assess, treat or recommend treatment to help the golfer achieve the best strategy for optimal performance. Dr. Stadnik is a chiropractor who is also certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. This allows him to assess a golfer, determine any biomechanical issues with the swing in all phases, then recommended specific treatments and exercises to support the treatment. This is how golfers in San Antonio are improving their performance on the course, but also living healthier lives feeling better as they benefit from Chiropractic care. Spinal biomechanics, chiropractic, golf performance.

Are you suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, hip pain, knee or ankle pain? Do you notice that your range of motion feels limited? Do you have difficulty generating enough power with your swing or feel like you cannot get your club head back far enough to generate power? Dr. Stadnik, DC is a specialist with working with all types of athletes with all types of health concerns. Your first step in get your health on track and your golf game on track is calling to schedule your evaluation. Call at 210-774-4861.

Click the link below to see Dr. Stadnik’s bio on the the Titleist Performance Institute website.

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