Align Chiropractic and Wellness

Spine and Postural Rehab Exercises

As Chiropractic care is important to properly align the spine and remove nerve and joint stress, we also need to ensure that the muscles and tissues of the spine are conditioned to hold the spine in place. As the body rights itself to gravity, there is an ideal and optimal position. The spine from the front is viewed as straight up and down and from the side, the spine has opposing curves.
This gives the spine a balance of strength as well as flexibility. The spine needs proper movement to keep the tissues healthy. The discs between the bones get nourishment from surrounding fluids during movement of the spine, (imbibition). The loading of force on the spinal joint on one side and the unloading of joints on the opposite side cause a negative pressure that draws fluids into the disc.

Without proper motion of the joints, these discs lose their fluid and degenerate. Also, unequal stress on the spinal joints causes unequal stresses that cause degenerative changes and wear and tear on the joints. This is the process of how arthritis occurs in our joints.

We assess to see where the misalignments are located in the spine, how it affects the specific region of the body and the overall global posture. We then address it with adjustments and then specific exercises to strengthen and support the spine to minimize further stress to the joints.