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Forward Head Posture (Text neck)​

Forward head posture is a common example of poor posture.

Forward head posture is a common example of poor posture. The further forward the neck extends, the greater the stress on the nerves, muscles, joints and supporting tissues. Keeping ideal posture is important in minimizing stress to these tissues of the neck as well as the lower body.
Most of our daily lives involve some sort of chronic head down or head forward position. Whether it is looking at a computer, tablet, smart device, driving, or performing repetitive movements, we tend to be in a head down/forward position for a significant portion of our day.
The longer we stay in these positions, the more stress the neck and the adaptation the rest of the body has to make. That is how forward head posture can create stress and injury to not just the neck, but the mid and lower back as well. Over time, the joints of the neck and back can break down and degenerate causing more serious health problems. Good posture starts with a properly aligned cervical spine.
Chiropractic care and postural rehab is effective in reducing the forward posture and strengthening the curve in the neck, (cervical lordosis) to help maintain an ideal posture. By minimizing stress to the neck and maintaining the cervical lordosis, the chance of developing degenerative arthritis is reduced. Dr. Stadnik will evaluate your posture and alignment and develop a treatment plan to help improve your forward head posture and teach you rehab exercises to strengthen and support your spine.